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Custom Trims

  1. Ridge/Hip Trim: This trim will be found anywhere two rising roof surfaces meet one another, such as the ridge, a hip, or the top of a dormer.
  2. Gable/Step Gable Trim: This trim is found anywhere a sloping edge ends, such as the end of a gable or the end of a dormer.
    1. Sidewall Trim and
    2. Endwall Trim: Any time a vertical wall surface meets another roof surface, endwall trim is required in order to keep water from getting underneath the roof panels.
  3. Transition Trim: Any time a roof is sloping in one direction but that slope changes, transition trim is required. It is used to keep water from getting under the roof panels.
  4. "W" Valley Trim: Valley trim is required anywhere two roof surfaces meet to form a valley.
  5. Extended Eave Trim: Eave trim is installed on the lowest edge of the roof. Its main purpose is to give a finished look to the roof.
Custom Trims